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The strong brand Royal Comfort


The Royal Comfort AG has devoted itself to the development and launch of private labels since 1995. Royal Comfort is probably the most successful private label in the hygiene paper segment. When contemplating brand developments the Royal Comfort AG always emphasises the following:

  • international practicability

  • no conflict with the trade partner's umbrealla brand

  • credibility - as understood by the respective partner and at the level of relations to other company products

  • international legal protection (OMPI)

  • unique semantic, phonetic, visual and associative position and product reference

  • implementation on packaging

  • conformity of positioning, brand and design

  • scope for architectural expansion within the product category


How the Royal Comfort brand works

Ist rechtlich abgesichert & kolidiert nicht mit anderen Marken

Ist leicht zu merken

Besetzt ein noch nicht abgeerntetes Feld

Funktioniert in allen Sprachgebieten

Verleiht der Kommunikation interessante Impulse

Fällt auf, weckt Interesse & hebt sich klar von Markenschablonen ab

Bringt starkes Markenfranchise mit

Frisch & unverbraucht

Is exceptionally catchy

Demands attention & raises interest from brand-name stereotypes

Delivers attractive new input to communication

Works well in all language areas

Field/theme not yet fully exploited

Fresh, wholesome effect

Is legally secured & does not collide with competitors

Has a strong,

built-in heritage

Exclusivity per country

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